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Correct use of hydraulic two-way reversing plough

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Correct use of hydraulic two-way reversing plough

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In order to facilitate the majority of agricultural machinery users to correctly use the hydraulic two-way reversal plough, solve the user's difficulties in use, hydraulic reversal plough manufacturers introduced the correct use of hydraulic two-way reversal plough in the process of some adjustment methods.

1) proper suspension method. Before tillage, the hydraulic two-way overturning plough is suspended by three points, and the two-point downward lifting arm is installed behind the two pulling ears of the plough, and then the central pulling rod is hung. The center of the plough should be adjusted in the center of the tractor. The method is to adjust the inside dimensions of two lifting arms and tractor tyres to be symmetrical and equal, and then tighten the zipper nuts on both sides to prevent irregularity of ridge closure when ploughing.

2) adjust the central pull rod. Before adjusting, plough the ground first and return to the tractor to adjust the tractor tire. If the front share is deep, the rear share is shallow. On the contrary, relax the central pull rod, so that the plough rack back deep, shallow front, tighten the central pull rod, so that the plough rack before and after the parallel.

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3) adjustment of tillage depth. The rated tillage depth of the hydraulic two-way reversal plough is 20-30 cm. The bottom of the ditch is cleaned when measuring. A straight bar is used parallel to the surface of the uncultivated land, and then the vertical measurement is made with a ruler. If the plough is shallow, adjust the limit bearing bolt of the fixed plate of the limit wheel, shorten the bolt, make the limit wheel tilt backward, make the plough frame lower, and achieve the purpose of increasing the depth. If the plough depth is too deep, more than 30 cm, with the same method, long bearing bolts, so that the limit of the depth of the wheel tilted forward, so that the plough frame raised, play a shallow purpose. It should be noted that after adjusting the length, the bolt on the other side should also be adjusted to the same length. In addition, the left and right supports on the fixed plate can be adjusted to move up and down to adjust the depth of the depth wheel.

4) the adjustment method of the limit plate bolt of the plough frame. The adjusting plate bolt on the two sides of the hanging beam of the plough is used to adjust the balance of the plough frame. When ploughing, take the horizon as the reference object, observe whether the plough frame is parallel, if not parallel, adjust the plough frame parallelism by tightening or loosening the adjustment bolt. It should be noted that after adjusting one side, the other side should be adjusted in the same way, so as to achieve the same effect of turning left to right. Without tillage, the plough frame is not parallel, and a certain slope is normal.5) adjustment of ploughshare. First of all, check whether the tractor and plough hook (connection point) is too high, if too high must be reduced to the appropriate depth of plough shovel into the soil, and then properly shorten the length of the central rod, in order to increase the plough shovel into the soil angle. The position of the limit wheel can also be moved backward from the position corresponding to the second plough post to the position between the second plough and the third plough post. In addition, the thickness of the ploughshare blade exceeds 3mm to be forged or sharpened, otherwise it will not be easy to enter the soil.

6) adjustment of tractor prone deviation during tillage. Firstly, the tilting plough is adjusted to make the three-point type hang in the center of the tractor, and ensure that the two lifting arms and the inner dimensions of the tractor tyre are the same. Then adjust the distance between the ploughs on the plough frame to meet the required uniform size. The distance between 435B two adjacent ploughs is 7cm.

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