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Large hydraulic turnover plough helps improve quality and efficiency in agricultural production

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Large hydraulic turnover plough helps improve quality and efficiency in agricultural production

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In recent years, the major grain producing areas have attached great importance to the work of agricultural machinery subsoiling and land preparation, and fully implemented subsoiling. In order to meet the needs of new agricultural production, China Lianhe Heavy Branch increased investment in product innovation, intellectualization, information technology and agricultural machinery, agronomy integration, and applied to deep ploughing subsoiling operations, improved production efficiency, and accelerated the progress of agricultural production in March. Hydraulic turnover plough manufacturer

Hydraulic turnover plough manufacturer

  As a large-horsepower shift tractor to fill the blank of China's independent research and development, the PL2304 tractor suspended large-scale hydraulic overturning plough has become the highlight of large-scale operation in March and Autumn this year. This product not only ensures high efficiency and reliability, but also focuses on the improvement of intelligent operation level, providing terminal support for the subsoiling operation monitoring system. Gengwang RC, RS series tractor is the main type widely used in large-scale deep ploughing, fertilization and sowing operations in the Central Plains. This type of tractor adopts enhanced double-speed power output, double cylinder pressure lifting device, which has great lifting power. This year through commercial reform, a variety of large-scale equipment can be matched for deep ploughing and subsoiling operations.

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