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The tilting plow selects different tillage amplitude through the amplitude modulation function.

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The tilting plow selects different tillage amplitude through the amplitude modulation function.

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The reversible plow is used by tractor, and the double distributor is used to control the lifting of the plough and the turnover of the plough. The overturning plough includes suspension frame, overturning cylinder, check mechanism, ground wheel mechanism, plough frame and plough body. The forward and backward plough bodies on the plough frame are turned vertically by the expansion of the piston rod in the cylinder, and the ground wheel is a dual-purpose mechanism with a lead screw to adjust the plough depth. The suspension rack is connected with the working main engine, the plough body is connected to the plough rack through the plough column, and the plough rack is equipped with a ground wheel mechanism. The piston rod is articulated with the piston rod, and the front end passes through and is fixed on the suspension frame crossbeam. The piston rod drives the central shaft to rotate in the central shaft sleeve by connecting the piston rod with the cylinder seat and the plough frame.

Flipping plow


1. the product has reasonable structure, strong rigidity, excellent material selection and beautiful appearance.

2. bidirectional flip function, save time and oil, high efficiency and economy.

3., the small plough can be used to cut the vegetation in the field, so that the weeds can be conceals and become rich.

4. has three amplitude modulation functions (21 degrees, 24 degrees, 28 degrees). Different tillage can be selected according to the specific resistance of soil.

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