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Technical features of hydraulic turnover plough

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Technical features of hydraulic turnover plough

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Hydraulic turnover plough


The plough body of the hydraulic turnover plough is composed of a small front plough and a grating plough.

Surface and special boron alloy steel grate body, plow body embedment.

Good, good impact resistance and wear resistance. (2) bidirectional turnover operation.

The hydraulic turnover mechanism realizes bidirectional turnover of the plough body and achieves reciprocating shuttle operation.

The turning time is short and the efficiency is high. At the same time, the soil is turned to the side of the field.

Buckle, do not leave ditch ridge, land leveling, save the workload of follow-up work. (3)

The ploughshare is designed with double shearing bolt protector, and the plow body is exposed suddenly.

When the force is impacted, the shear bolt is cut off instantly, when the safety bolt is cut off.

The plough column rotates around the fixed shaft to ensure the safety of the plough body and the ploughing column. (4)

Lateral force relief device. Between the tractor resistance center and the plough resistance center.

When the traction line does not pass through the center of the axle of the rear axle of the tractor, the tractor produces the side.

Tension, tractor running one-way, tractor operation difficult, working resistance

Increase, through the side force to eliminate the device after adjustment, tractor resistance center and

The traction line between the plough resistance centers passes through the center of the shaft of the rear axle of the tractor.

Lateral force is eliminated. (5) two modes of operation on shore and under shore. By adjusting

The position of the first plough share can be adjusted by translating the supporting arm hydraulic cylinder sideways.

Two modes of operation for tractor running in a furrow and driving outside a furrow are realized.

Two the distance between the rear wheels. (6) the operation width can be adjusted. By adjustment

The width of the operation can meet the requirements of the farming space.

Hydraulic turnover plough

Hydraulic turnover plough

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