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Maintenance and troubleshooting of rotary tiller

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Maintenance and troubleshooting of rotary tiller

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Maintenance and troubleshooting of rotary tiller

3.1 rotary tiller maintenance

Cut off the power and maintain it under the condition of engine stall. (1) check whether the blade is broken, whether there is deformation or lack, if necessary, replace it. (2) Check whether the oil seal on both sides of the knife shaft is damaged and the bearing is worn seriously. If necessary, replace the oil seal and bearing. (3) the maintenance of rotary tiller has class maintenance, quarterly maintenance and annual maintenance. Class maintenance is generally 10h once, mainly for weeding, checking oil adding, checking parts and so on. Quarterly maintenance in addition to shift maintenance work, but also to replace gear oil, check whether the bearing tool needs to be replaced, check whether the gearbox gear is excessive wear and tear, if necessary to replace new parts. Finally, apply butter or waste oil to the blade to prevent rust. In addition to quarterly maintenance, annual maintenance also requires locomotives parked indoors at a higher level for comprehensive maintenance, for use in the coming year.

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3.2 common troubleshooting and troubleshooting

3.2.1 overload

Therefore, the reasons for "barrier" are deep tillage and strong soil viscosity. Solution: reduce tillage depth and reduce operation speed.

3.2.2 cross knot burn

Cause of failure: universal cross section is too big or cross section is short of oil. By adjusting the upper limit of hydraulic cylinder piston rod and adding lubricating oil to solve it.

3.2.3 gearbox has noise.

Fault causes: foreign bodies fall into the gearbox, bearing wear seriously, gear tooth missing, gearbox bearing fracture or ball drop, can be solved by replacing new parts.

3.2.4 knife shaft does not move.

Causes of failure: winding weeds, gear or bearing bite to death, left arm side plate or transmission box deformation, knife shaft bending deformation, bearing damage, transmission chain breakage, etc. can be repaired, corrected, replaced parts, removal of grass and mud.

3.2.5 rotary tiller gear box leaking oil

Failure causes: oil seal damage, gear box paper pad damage, gear box cracks, can be replaced by new parts, repair the gear box to be resolved.

In the course of 3.2.6 rotary tiller operation, larger soil blocks were thrown out.

Cause of failure: blade is broken or missing, bending deformation is serious. Solution: repair or replace new blades.

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