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How to operate rotary tiller

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How to operate rotary tiller

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How to operate rotary tiller

2.4.1 start stage

At the beginning, the rotary tiller should be in a state of elevation, and the tip of the rotary tiller is about 20 cm away from the ground. When the tractor is running, carefully observe whether there are any abnormal noises or oil leakage. When the rotary tiller gradually runs to a predetermined speed, first slowly relax the clutch, at this time the tractor starts slowly. When the rotary tiller is used, the rotary tiller is slowly lowered by operating the hydraulic lifting adjusting handle until the adjusted tillage depth is reached.

2.4.2 operation stage

The suitable speed for cultivation is 2-3 km/h. The forward speed should not be too fast. Otherwise, the tractor will be overloaded and the power transmission equipment will be damaged. During the operation, the tractor should run on the uncultivated land within the width of the rotary tiller, so as to avoid compaction.

The field. If you encounter obstacles, such as stones and pipes, you should avoid or remove obstacles. When the rotary cultivator works, the angle of the universal joint should be less than 15 degrees. In the course of operation, if there is too much straw on the cutter shaft, stop and clean up in time.

How does 2.4.3 turn?

It is strictly prohibited to turn halfway after the rotary cultivator. When turning the corner, the rotary tiller should be raised and 20 cm from the ground, and the engine speed should be reduced appropriately. At the same time, pay attention not to steer the tractor when turning, otherwise it will cause damage to the box connection. When it is necessary to transfer land or walk long distance, the power of rotary tiller should be cut off, and the rotary tiller should be lifted to the highest position and locked. When using the walking tractor rotary tiller, try not to use the steering clutch, push and pull the handrail to correct the direction, do not bend to prevent damage to parts.

Rotary cultivator

2.4.4 rotary tillage method

Commonly used rotary tillage methods are shuttle farming, plowing and returning tillage. Shuttle farming: one line after another, back to work. This method is not suitable for open cultivation, but with many turns on the ground, it is suitable for small tractors or walking tractors. Intercropping: After one plough, leave a wide second tillage tillage, tillage interval until the return. This kind of farming method has less turning on the ground, but it is easy to drain farmland and is suitable for large tractors. Return tillage: paddy field tillage is used to make the surface smooth and reduce leaking.

2.4.5 matters needing attention

Rotary tiller through the ridge ditch, to stop running rotary tiller, slowly straight through, if the ridge is higher to cut through the rear; In the operation process, if there are too many weeds winding, should be carefully removed after the shutdown, not only to pay attention not to damage parts, but also to pay attention not to cut hands. Special attention should be paid to rotary tiller in use: rotary tiller can not start directly or descend rapidly in the case of human soil, otherwise it will cause tractor and rotary tiller parts damage or drive shaft twist. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to retreat after the rotary tiller is used in the soil, otherwise the supporting plate will be inverted into the soil, and the blade will collide with the rotary tiller and damage the machine parts. In order to reverse the work, the rotary tiller must be raised.

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