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Maintenance and troubleshooting of rotary tiller

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Maintenance and troubleshooting of rotary tiller

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Summary of 1 rotary tiller

1.1 composition of rotary tiller

Rotary tiller is a kind of soil tillage machine driven by rotary knife teeth, also known as rotary tillage machine. Rotary tiller has a strong ability to break soil. Compared with traditional ploughing operation, it can save a lot of time, improve work efficiency and improve the effect of farmland operation. Rotary tiller is divided into two types according to the configuration of its rotary blade shaft: horizontal axis and vertical axis; according to the width of ploughing and land preparation, it is divided into many types, small-sized mounted on a walking tractor, large and medium-sized mounted on a four-wheeled tractor. The rotary tiller consists of three parts: working parts, transmission parts and auxiliary parts. Among them, the working parts are made up of a knife base, a knife shaft and a knife blade; the driving parts are made up of a gearbox, a transmission shaft and a universal joint; the auxiliary parts are made up of a suspension frame, a fender cover plate, a side plate and a flat earth support plate.

1.2 working principle of rotary tiller

Rotary tiller output power through the tractor, drive rotary blade cutting and turning the soil, and the cut pieces of soil thrown backward and fender impact, so that the soil further broken, eventually flat soil tray will be pulled flat surface, one-time completion of the harrow operation.

2 use of rotary tiller

2.1 inspection after purchase of rotary tiller

The newly purchased rotary tiller must be inspected for missing or loosening of parts and fasteners before use, and must be filled or tightened if any.

2.2 power connection of rotary tiller

The power of the rotary cultivator comes from the tractor and is connected with the output shaft of the tractor through the transmission shaft. In the process of suspension connection, the universal joint and safety pin should be installed on the rotary tiller, and a universal joint should also be installed on the tractor. During installation, the lower suspension of the lifting tractor is in accordance with the height of the hanging pin of the rotary tiller. When reversing, the driving shaft is connected, the upper and lower rotary hanging is hung, the lock pin is installed, and the upper suspension is installed.

Attentions in installation: (1) The opening of adjacent universal joints should be on the same plane. The long end of transmission shaft should match the type of tractor and be connected by three-point suspension according to the specifications. (2) Running-in procedure: When the gear oil is added to the screw hole 25 cm away, the rotary tiller is lifted and the tractor is started to run-in in place. After running 2h, turn off the gear, release gear oil, add proper amount of diesel oil, and remove the dirt at the bottom of the gear box. Re-release diesel oil, tighten the oil release bolt, according to the instructions, add qualified gear oil to the prescribed amount.

Rotary cultivator


2.3 adjustment of rotary tiller

After the rotary tiller is connected, in order to make the tillage depth, broken soil and flat soil meet the requirements of agricultural operations, the following operations must be carried out:

2.3.1 adjusting blade method

There are three ways to install and adjust the blade according to the operation requirements. staggered installation

Interlacing is the most commonly used method, the installation method is to install a left and right bent knife on the same plane, so that the blades of both outer axes of the knife are all inward bending, the operation of soil does not throw to both sides. external installation

The installation method is that the blade on the outer side of the cutter shaft two is bent to the inside, and the blades in the middle are bent outward to be called outward. The feature of outward installation is that after ploughing, the soil blocks are thrown to both sides, thus shallow ditches are formed in the middle, which are most suitable for ditching and border construction. inward mounting

The installation method is that all blades are bent to the middle of the cutter shaft, and the middle part is plowed after plowing, so as to facilitate the late field cultivation.

2.3.2 adjusting rotary tillage evenness

After rotary tillage, the depth of rotary tillage should be the same. If not, check on the flat ground to see if the distance between the left and right knife tips from the ground is the same, adjust the way is to adjust the length of the tractor pull rods on both sides.

2.3.3 adjust the angle of the transmission shaft.

After the rotary tiller is connected, the distance between the left and right sides of the rotary tiller and the rear wheel is measured. If the angle between the driving shaft is the same, the work can be balanced. If the angle is different, the distance between the two sides and the rear wheel is the same by adjusting the pull rod of the tractor.

2.3.4 adjust rotary tillage depth

In order to coordinate with crop growth, the depth of rotary tillage is greater than 10 cm. If the rotary tiller and the walking tractor are used together, the depth of rotary tillage can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the tail wheel. If the rotary tiller and wheeled tractor are used together, the rotary tillage depth can be adjusted by controlling the hydraulic control system. Before adjusting the tillage depth, the length of the pull rod on the tractor should be adjusted first, and then the dimension of the piston rod unloader on the hydraulic lifting device should be adjusted to set the rotary tillage depth.

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