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Specifications for using subsoiling machine and key points for attention

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Specifications for using subsoiling machine and key points for attention

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In agricultural production, in order to obtain a high yield of grain, not only need good seeds, enough fertilizer, pest control methods and means, but also need advanced and applicable mechanization technology as a support.

Mechanical subsoiling can be divided into two types: local subsoiling and comprehensive subsoiling. Total subsoiling is to use a subsoiling plough to completely loosen the soil. This method is suitable for the transformation of shallow soil with farmland infrastructure construction. Partial subsoiling is the use of bar teeth, chisel shovels or plough to separate the loosen soil from the loosen soil. Because interval subsoiling creates the plough layer structure of virtual and solid coexistence, practice has proved that interval subsoiling is superior to comprehensive subsoiling and is widely used.

At present, the main methods of soil subsoiling in production are interval subsoiling, ridge subsoiling, intermediate subsoiling, shallow subsoiling, ridge plowing subsoiling, and comprehensive subsoiling.



Working principle of subsoiling machine:

1. Mechanical subsoiling operations should be based on soil moisture, soil texture, in general, deep plough, no roots, stones and other hard material plots should be deeper, or shallower.

2. The soil moisture content is higher in the working season, and the more viscous plots are not suitable for subsoiling operation, especially the omni-directional subsoiling operation, so as to prevent the hard and solidified ridges from occurring next year and unable to cultivate.

3. Depth of subsoiling can be determined according to different purposes and soil texture. For drainage of waterlogged land and saline-alkali land, 40-50 cm depth of subsoiling should be selected. For general soils, it is better to choose the depth of soil loosening from 35 cm to 45 cm according to the condition of soil plough layer to break the plough bottom and increase the capacity of water storage and moisture conservation, but it is not suitable to be too shallow to be less than 30 cm, so as to facilitate the formation and construction of soil reservoirs.

4. Mechanical subsoiling should advocate the principle of all-round subsoiling in autumn, supplemented by local subsoiling in summer.

5. In order to obtain the ideal quality of deep loosening operation, the throttle should be as large as possible on the gear that the main engine can pull normally.

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