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The level of Agricultural Mechanization in Heilongjiang reaches 96.8%.

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The level of Agricultural Mechanization in Heilongjiang reaches 96.8%.

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Reporters from the province's major crops held a few days ago to promote the whole process of mechanization work and technical training meeting learned that in 2017, the level of comprehensive mechanization of major crops in our province reached 96.8%, 0.9 percentage points higher than 2016, continue to lead the country. The total power of the province's agricultural machinery reached 58.138 million kilowatt, tractor holdings reached 1.605 million, including more than 100 horsepower tractors 36,000, the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment continued to optimize; the province completed a total of 133.45 million acres of mechanized autumn land, mechanized harvest area reached 21.27 million acres, high-standard agricultural mechanization operations to achieve 100% remote automatic detection.

The pace of adjustment of agricultural planting structure has been speeding up, and put forward higher requirements for the development of agricultural mechanization. This year, our province will adapt to the demand of structural reform on the supply side of agriculture, take modern green ecological agriculture as the development goal, comprehensively change the development mode of agricultural mechanization, and strive to improve the level of key agricultural machinery and equipment. We should actively popularize agricultural machinery and equipment that meet the necessary requirements, upgrade the mechanization level of production links, such as plant protection, straw treatment and drying, improve the mechanization level of cash crops such as vegetables, make up the shortboard of agricultural mechanization caused by the adjustment of planting structure as soon as possible, and speed up the construction of the whole mechanization technical system of grain production. We will strengthen research and development, demonstration and popularization of mechanization technologies in protected agriculture, aquaculture and hilly and mountainous areas, increase the number of machines and tools, and revitalize the stock of machines and tools, so as to provide effective support for the adjustment of agricultural planting structure in key areas. The machines and tools needed for the application of green production-increasing technologies such as subsoiling, no-tillage sowing, straw returning and leaving the field will continue to be included in the open items for purchasing machine subsidies. We should actively explore the subsidy mechanism for deep fertilization of rice and utilization of agricultural machinery and equipment by livestock and poultry manure, and accelerate the elimination of old machinery with high energy consumption, heavy pollution and low performance, so as to promote the synchronous development of high agricultural yield and environmental protection.

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