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The weather is getting cold. The farm machinery is hibernating.

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The weather is getting cold. The farm machinery is hibernating.

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The weather is getting cold. The farm machinery is hibernating.

After the beginning of winter, the land in northern China was frozen, crops began to enter the winter, the "three autumns" in the Yangtze-Huaihe region has also approached the end of the busy farmland has become quiet. The decrease in farm work provided a good chance for the farm machinery which had been working for a year to recuperate, and they began to prepare for storage for "hibernation".

In modern agricultural production, agricultural machinery with good performance is the guarantee for realizing agricultural mechanization. Long-term busy state of agricultural machinery "winter" need to be a comprehensive and standardized inspection and care, do not store at will, so as to avoid the next spring farming can not be used normally. At present, agricultural machinery maintenance and warehousing work has been started in many regions of the country.

Agricultural machinery warehousing and maintenance everywhere

Hongwei farm in Heilongjiang: the policy of "cross" must be observed in warehousing

Affected by continuous rainy weather during the autumn harvest this year, it is difficult for the farm machinery to be stored and sealed. Therefore, in the process of the farm machinery storage, the farm strictly follows the cross policy of "neat, clean, cushion, loose, unload, coat, seal, beautiful, complete and good", and carries out the harvester and other kinds of harvesting. The machine is cleaned and maintained in a unified manner, and is numbered and maintained in a unified manner to ensure that each locomotive can meet the storage requirements of high standards.

Fuxin: set up a service team to go deep into peasant households

At present, the autumn farming production in Fuxin is near the end. In order to ensure the good performance of agricultural machinery and prolong the service life of agricultural machinery, the Fuxin Bureau of Agricultural Machinery has taken active measures to organize technicians to set up service teams, go deep into the farm machinery households, provide farm machinery households with storage maintenance and technical services, and on agricultural machinery. The service team actively contacted the local agricultural machinery cooperative organization and took advantage of its large site to store the agricultural machinery in a unified and centralized way.

  Qinggil, Xinjiang: do a solid job in farm machinery maintenance and warehousing in winter



At present, Qinghe County in Xinjiang has completely finished the task of farm machinery operation, farm machinery will soon enter the winter idle storage period. Qinghe County Agricultural Machinery Bureau has been deeply involved in agricultural machinery professional cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households for many times, and guided them to adopt the methods of staged, batch maintenance and storage, etc. to maintain, maintain and clean up all the machinery and tools, especially to carry out the key maintenance and repair of the newly purchased machinery and tools this year. Ensure that farm implements are stored and put in storage to ensure that agricultural machinery and equipment always maintain good technical conditions.

Three steps to "hibernation" of agricultural machinery

At present, the winter maintenance of farm machinery in all parts of the warehouse is still in progress, and even there are farm machinery in the "hibernation", but the maintenance of farm machinery warehouse is a major project, many details still need to be paid attention to, for the maintenance of farm machinery warehouse can be divided into three steps.

First, it is necessary to park the garage specially for agricultural machinery construction. Facing open air wind blowing, sunshine, rain, snow and ice, agricultural machinery is easy to cause body corrosion and aging of rubber products, so it must be parked in a ventilated drying shed. At the same time, rubber products on agricultural machinery such as tires, in the sun under ultraviolet radiation, will reduce elasticity, aging and cracking, so the storage shed of agricultural machinery, can not have direct sunlight to agricultural machinery.

Second, carry out a comprehensive physical examination before entering the warehouse. Such a physical examination can start from these aspects: first, check whether the long-term use of the motor is damp, damp caused by internal insulation performance decline, or even caused the internal line group short circuit; second, check whether the storage battery after long-term use of sulfurization or freeze cracking phenomenon, resulting in leakage of electricity; third, check the spring, conveyor belt, and so on. Some components such as long rod and tire are deformed or even lost due to long-term stress. Once a problem is found, even if it is repaired.

Third, let the agricultural machinery do a whole body "SPA". Agricultural machinery inspection finished, but also to do is the maintenance work. First of all, remove the dirt residue inside and outside the farm machinery to ensure that they are clean and refreshing in the warehouse "rest"; secondly, remove all kinds of spare parts, after cleaning, coated with rust-proof paint or waste engine oil to prevent rust, or coated with tung oil to prevent mold rot; and is to put clean diesel oil to prevent mold; Lubricating oil and cooling water, and unloading batteries and triangle belts and so on. The maintenance of farm machinery is just like a girl's skin care.

Conclusion: In modern agricultural production, agricultural machinery has become an indispensable partner of farmers, good performance of agricultural machinery is conducive to improving production efficiency, and the problems of agricultural machinery will only bring trouble to agricultural production. At present, winter has come, how to make the farm machinery comfortable "winter" has aroused great concern of farmers. I believe that only reasonable use, timely maintenance and proper maintenance, can let your agricultural machinery and tools in the coming year still "laughing spring breeze".

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