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Paddy field plough factory - modern farm machinery cooperative management system -

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Paddy field plough factory - modern farm machinery cooperative management system -

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Waterfield plough factory - modern agricultural machinery cooperative management system

1. The management of Modern Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives mainly includes the following contents

(1) Establish and improve the locomotive management responsibility system, set up necessary reward and punishment mechanism, strengthen the daily locomotive management work, clarify the locomotive management responsibilities of the co-operative director, locomotive administrator and driver, and sign the locomotive management responsibility certificate at different levels;

(two) the construction of the shed should comply with the relevant regulations.

(3) Establish complete technical files for each agricultural machine and record in detail the technical status, maintenance and use of the machine according to the season of operation;

(4) To carry out daily maintenance work in strict accordance with the technical requirements of agricultural machinery and tools, and to keep good maintenance records and recommend the use of maintenance manuals;

(5) Strengthen the propaganda and education of locomotive management by hanging slogans and setting up propaganda boards.

Two, the responsibility of Modern Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives

(1) establish and improve the responsibility system for locomotive management.

(two) organize the formulation of locomotive management system;

(three) organize the training of agricultural machinery technology;

(four) supervise and urge the implementation of various locomotive management rules and regulations;

(five) supervise and inspect the technical status of agricultural machinery and the storage of agricultural machinery according to standards.

(six) other duties of locomotive management stipulated by laws, regulations and regulations.

Three. Duty of locomotive manager.

(1) Carefully implement the principle of "prevention first, prevention more than cure, maintenance more than repair". Implement the relevant regulations on locomotive management and safety management, so as to understand the principles of mechanical structure, operating procedures of agricultural machinery, knowledge of agricultural production and safety regulations; be able to operate, maintain, maintain, and adjust (hereinafter referred to as "IV" Know four meetings ";

(two) participate in the formulation and organization of mechanical operations, maintenance, oil management and technological innovation

(three) strict maintenance and regular maintenance of farm implements according to the instructions.

(4) Keep the machines and tools in good technical condition all the time, repair them in time when they are found to be in trouble, and employ professional and technical personnel to inspect and repair them when they are in serious trouble, and disassemble them at random is strictly prohibited;

(five) safety education and technical training for participating workers before each production stage.

(six) guide and inspect drivers (operation) personnel to correctly use labor protective equipment;

(seven) check the trial run, parking and storage of farm machinery;

(eight) check whether farm machinery field operation quality is up to standard.

Four. Vehicle leader post responsibility system

(1) Obey the arrangement of agricultural mechanized production of cooperatives, supervise the production safety of the crew and take overall responsibility for the quality of field operations;

(2) Reasonably arrange work shifts and work items, organize crew members to inspect the status of machines and tools, and ensure that the machines and tools meet the operation requirements;

(three) do well the technical training of train crew.

(4) Organizing crew members to fill in operation records, machine tool maintenance records and agricultural machinery technical files in earnest;

(five) keep good spare parts and repair tools to prevent damage or loss;

(6) To organize crew members to participate in the transformation and technological innovation of agricultural machinery and tools so as to better meet the needs of field operations.

Five. Driver's post responsibility system

(1) abide by the rules and regulations of the cooperative, obey the working arrangement of the team leader, be polite to people, work in a civilized manner, and ensure the quality of work;

(2) To abide by the safety regulations for agricultural machinery production and the rules for safe operation of agricultural machinery, to ensure safe production, to eliminate potential safety hazards in time and to prevent accidents;

(3) It is strictly forbidden for those who are drunk, tired or suffering from diseases that hinder safe driving (operation) to participate in agricultural machinery operations;

(four) carefully check the state of farm machinery before operation, and ensure that oil and water are cleaned.

(five) study business, improve vocational skills and achieve "four understand four meetings";

(six) the quality and safety education of auxiliary personnel should be carried out before operation.

(seven) to prevent others from approaching when driving or operating farm machinery.

(eight) listen carefully to the users' opinions and answer the technical requirements and operation standards in detail.

(nine) after completing the homework, fill out the work order and report it in time.

(ten) strictly enforce the regulations of locomotive management, and carefully fill in the locomotive maintenance records.

Six. Responsibility system for farm implements

(1) strictly observe and master the safe operation rules of agricultural machinery.

(two) ensure the quality of operations and check the condition of farm implements regularly.

(3) To ensure their own safety while working with the vehicle, to keep clear contact information with the driver, and not to leave the post without authorization;

(four) clothing should comply with safety requirements.

(five) to operate according to the requirements in the specified locations;

(6) No person is allowed to sit at a station when a farm tool is lifted or lifted; no soil or weeds are removed or maintenance, adjustment or troubleshooting is allowed under it without a safety cushion after lifting;

(7) When operating machinery and tools, it is forbidden to use hands and feet to remove soil and weeds from farm tools. When necessary, special tools should be used to clean up after stopping and cutting off power.

(eight) no stacking items are allowed on the machine.

(nine) strictly prohibit sleeping on machine tools, playing mobile phones, etc.

(ten) safety precautions should be taken in special operations.

Seven, maintenance personnel post responsibility system

(1) timely maintenance and no delay in farming season;

(two) finish the tasks of modification on time.

(three) responsible for the safety and fire prevention work in the repair place.

(four) repair facilities are clean and keep intact.

(five) the wall should be repaired on the repair system.

Article 24 A modern agricultural machinery cooperative shall have a special (part-time) post as a park manager responsible for the management of agricultural machinery in the park area. Duty of parking area administrator:

(1) be responsible for the management of facilities and facilities, keep them clean and tidy, and keep them in good condition.

(2) Guiding the crew members to make the agricultural machinery meet the parking and storage requirements of the system, and having the right to prevent the machinery that fails to meet the requirements from entering the depot;

(three) registration of agricultural machinery must be done when the farm machinery is in place, the library is in long-term parking and departure, and the library is participating in the operation.

(four) ensure the safety of agricultural machinery which is kept for a long time in the field and in the warehouse.

(5) Should have a high sense of responsibility, adhere to their posts, be faithful to their duties, and timely report to their superiors on the management situation, and put forward reasonable management proposals according to the actual situation.

Eight, farm machinery maintenance system

(1) Agricultural machinery and tools shall be regularly maintained in accordance with the technical maintenance regulations and shall not be allowed to be put into operation if they are not maintained on time;

(2)When the working hours of agricultural machinery meet the maintenance requirements, technical maintenance shall be carried out on time and item by item, and after the maintenance is over, the locomotive administrator shall accept and pass the inspection before he can take part in the operation;

(3) Power machinery shall ensure that its working conditions meet technical requirements and shall not be allowed to work under adverse conditions and long-term overload;

(4) The locomotive shall be thoroughly maintained before operation, and the operation shall not be carried out until the technical requirements have been confirmed;

(5) locomotives are not allowed to operate with faults. If abnormal locomotives are found, the locomotives should stop working immediately to prevent mechanical accidents.

Nine. Part library management system

(1) part materials should be managed by special personnel. In accordance with the provisions, timely preparation of parts and materials purchase plan, do well the work of ordering, receiving and supplying.

(2) The storehouse should be well ventilated, the ground dry and clean, and all parts, materials and accessories should be put in order as required;

(three) the parts must be iron off the ground, the chain is away from the wall, the rubber articles avoid sunlight, and the precise parts need to be packed.

(four) storage of parts rack should be light, heavy and intermediate.

(5) All kinds of spare parts and materials should be maintained regularly. They should be inspected, tidied and oiled regularly, without dampness, corrosion, rust, deformation or loss.

(six) establish parts accounts, strictly enforce the registration procedures, so as to match the accounts.

Ten. Oil management system

(1) Oil custodians should strengthen their professional study and master the performance, identification and classification of various oils, and should not mix or misuse them;

(two) all kinds of oil imports and exports must have complete procedures and registration.

(tree) the oil purification should be done according to the regulations, and the injected oil should be filtered and precipitated.

(four) oil depots should be safe and reliable, with solid doors and windows and complete fire protection facilities.

(five) no smoking is allowed in the oil storage area.

(six) keep the oil tank inside and outside clean and clean all the year round. No flammable or other articles are allowed to be stacked.

(seven) insist on recycling waste oil all the year round.

Eleven. Garage management system

(1) locomotives must be positioned, orderly, and managed by special personnel. Keep windows and doors clean inside and outside the warehouse.

(two) the warehouse without reliable heating facilities will be emptied if the locomotive is stopped.

(three) the driver should be allowed to drive in and out of storage.

(four) fire extinguishing equipment in the storehouse should be equipped with good performance.

(five) no bake or lighting is allowed in open fire.

(six) the front door should be parked at the door for the purpose of leaving the library at any time.

(seven) close doors and windows and cut off power supply after parking.

Twelve. Management system of farm implements.

(1) farms should be free from weeds in summer and snow free in winter, clean and neat throughout the year.

(two) all farm machinery should be cleaned before entering.

(three) not allowed to disassemble agricultural machinery fittings at will.

(four) the machinery for parking in farm implements should be put in order and orderly.

(five) no other vehicles and unrelated personnel are allowed to enter farm implements without approval.

Thirteen, safety and fire prevention system

(1) part library

1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the parts library.

2, fire extinguishing tools are complete and are not allowed to be diverted.

3, maintain hygiene inside and outside the warehouse, no other flammable materials can be stacked.

4, no stacking of firewood is allowed around the library.

5, safety responsible person should always pay attention to safety, eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers, avoid causing losses.

(two) repair room

1, consciously abide by the safety and fire prevention system, do not violate the regulations.

2. Take good care of and correctly operate mechanical and electrical equipment, cut off power and use tools and labor protection equipment correctly.

3. Check the safety and fire protection facilities of this position regularly and find out the abnormal handling in time.

4, strengthen the maintenance of fire protection equipment, do a good job in workplace safety and fire prevention work.

(three) oil depot

1. No smoking is allowed in oil depot and fire is prohibited around oil depot.

2, fire extinguishing tools in the library are not allowed to move at random and keep in good condition.

3, maintain good indoor and outdoor cleanliness and hygiene, and no other inflammable materials are allowed to be stacked.

4, the oil depot is not allowed to park vehicles for a long time.

5, no smoking is prohibited around the oil depot.

6. Vehicles entering the oil depot refueling must be flameout when refueling.

7, oil workers should always pay attention to safety and eliminate hidden dangers in time.

Fourteen, training system

(1) Cooperatives shall organize drivers (operators) to participate in training on agricultural machinery safety and new technologies organized by higher authorities on time;

(2) In the off-season, training courses on agricultural machinery technology and locomotive management should be run by oneself regularly, and personnel who understand the theory and technology of agricultural machinery should be invited to give lectures.

(three) organize learning and understand the principles and policies of the party and the country in the countryside.

(4) Agricultural technicians are often employed to teach on-the-spot scientific farming knowledge and promote the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy.

Fifteen. Operation quality acceptance system

(1) Each depot shall install and debug correctly the operating machines and tools to ensure a good technical condition, and those who are not qualified are not allowed to participate in the operation;

(2) Strictly enforce the "Agricultural Machinery Field Work Quality Standard" to standardize the field machinery operation so as to achieve timely, high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and safety;

(3) The cooperative shall set up a quality inspection and acceptance team for field operations, which shall be responsible for the quality inspection and acceptance of field operations.

(4) The quality acceptance team shall strictly carry out the quality acceptance according to the standards and specifications, and handle the problems in time when they find them;

(5) After the completion of the operation, the unit, the quality supervisor and the farmer shall jointly carry out the inspection and acceptance, and issue the acceptance certificate with qualified quality.

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