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Tractor oil saving measures

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Tractor oil saving measures

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Tractor oil saving measures

Whether the tractor is fuel-efficient is not only related to the performance of the tractor, but also related to the driver's use and operation method. Good technical status and correct operation of the machine can achieve maximum operation with minimum fuel consumption, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting the environment.

1. Use regular lubricating oil.

If the lubricating oil used is irregular, it will increase the friction resistance of the moving parts and increase the oil consumption. For example, buying the lubricating oil produced by Great Wall Automobile Co. Ltd. can reduce the friction resistance of the transmission system by 15% compared with the lubricating oil produced in some places. In order to reduce oil consumption.

Two, correct use and operation

1, the use and operation of transport operations

(1) do a good job of maintenance. Tractors should carefully clean up the surface dust and oil dirt before, during and after the transportation operation, check the solid condition of each part and the sealing condition of contact parts, and find out the problems and solve them in time. It is necessary to add and replace all kinds of oil in time to ensure that the tractor is in a good technical state, which can effectively save fuel. In order to maintain the normal compressive force of diesel engine cylinder, it is necessary to keep the valve tightness and keep the clearance between piston, active cold ring and cylinder wall normal. Maintaining the air filter and replacing the filter element on time can reduce the resistance of the intake system of the diesel engine, increase the charge of the diesel engine, and realize the intact technical state of the diesel engine.

(2) tractor should not overload as far as possible during transportation and reduce invalid transportation. According to on-the-spot measurement, unloading the goods on the tractor weighs 10 kilograms, driving 100 kilometers can save 300 milliliters of fuel; long-term parking to close the throttle to reduce fuel consumption. According to on-the-spot measurement, reducing diesel idle speed for 10 minutes can save 130 ml of fuel; pay attention to the habit of idle fuel pedal, according to field measurement, less one idle fuel pedal, can save 6 ml of fuel. Drivers should not turn the steering wheel aimlessly, which will increase the vehicle resistance and fuel consumption.

(3) ensure the tractor tire pressure is suitable. Keeping the proper air pressure of the tire can also save fuel consumption. It is estimated that the fuel consumption of a vehicle traveling 50 kilometres differs by 150 ml from that of a low tire pressure (50 kpa).

2. Use and operation of field operations

(1) Tractor field operations will encounter more dust, must be regularly cleaned air filters, diesel filters, oil filters. Practice has proved that the air filter cross section blockage 1/3, fuel consumption will increase by 1.7%. Therefore, regular cleaning of air filters is very important, especially in the field harvesting operations, more dust and crop leaves, resulting in tractor valve mechanism, fuel supply system, lubrication system and other parts of the wear and tear faster. Therefore, it is necessary to check valve clearance, piston and cylinder liner clearance, piston and piston ring clearance, found problems and timely adjustment to solve. According to the calculation, when the valve clearance wear exceeds the specified value, the air volume in the cylinder will be seriously affected, fuel consumption increased by 15-20%.

(2) Tractor field operation should be maintained at full load, so as to maximize the effective power of the engine, the highest production efficiency, the lowest fuel consumption per mu; to ensure the normal fuel supply advance of the engine, normal fuel injection can reduce fuel consumption.

(3) Tractors operating in the early spring field, if a short period of time to stop in the field, should be taken to reduce the throttle, so that the engine idle operation, because the low temperature vehicles start difficult, starting a single engine will consume a lot of fuel.

(4) tractor farming in autumn, the level of oil consumption is directly related to the size of soil dry humidity. The best time to do farm work is to grab the soil at a depth of 5 centimeters and throw it to the ground in clumps.

Three, maintain the speed of the economy.

When a tractor is running at the same gear, the higher the speed of the vehicle, the higher the speed of the diesel engine, the more actual fuel consumption, so do not use low gear high speed; do not use high gear low speed. Different tractors, different engine power, fuel consumption is also different, the economic speed is: the general road 40-60 kilometers per hour, highway speed 80 kilometers per hour compared with 100 kilometers per hour, can save 10-30% fuel.

Four. Reasonable driving.

Practice has proved that under the same conditions, the difference of fuel consumption can be more than 30% due to the driver's different operating skills. If the vehicle has too many sudden acceleration, sharp turns, brakes and so on, it will consume more fuel. Therefore, we should use the gear reasonably, grasp the economic speed, and keep the high speed driving as far as possible. Try to keep the vehicle in high gear. To maintain uniform speed, cruise control can be used under suitable driving conditions. It is necessary to reasonably determine the driving route, and try to arrange the shorter and longer travel routes.

Five, avoid bad road traffic.

The adhesion between the driving wheel and the road surface decreases, the rolling resistance of the wheel increases, and the fuel consumption increases when the vehicle runs on soft soil road, ice and snow road, concave and convex road surface and so on. It is estimated that oil consumption can vary by 20%-30% when compared with the bad road. Therefore, choosing a good road surface is an effective way to save fuel for tractor.

Six, avoid bad weather driving.

Tractors in ice, snow, heavy rain, fog, gale and other adverse weather conditions, driving fuel consumption is higher, according to estimates, normal weather and bad weather driving, fuel consumption difference of 30% - 35%. Therefore, before going out, the tractor must pay attention to the weather forecast and avoid the bad weather as far as possible.

Seven, reduce the power consumption of accessories.

Generators, fans and air conditioners on the tractor consume part of the power when they work. It is estimated that less than 6 minutes of air conditioning can save 70 milliliters of fuel. Therefore, the fresh air supply mode should be adopted as far as possible. If it is not necessary, turning off the power-consuming headlights and heating equipment such as window glass can reduce power consumption and save fuel.

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