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The correct use and maintenance of agricultural machinery hydraulic system - dry field plough manufacturers

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The correct use and maintenance of agricultural machinery hydraulic system - dry field plough manufacturers

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The correct use and maintenance of agricultural machinery hydraulic system - dry field plough manufacturers

Hydraulic system of agricultural machinery is widely used in agricultural production because of its advantages of compact structure, stable operation, simple operation and labor saving. However, if used and maintained improperly, it will greatly increase the failure rate, seriously affecting the reliability and service life of agricultural machinery.

1. Damage caused by improper maintenance of hydraulic system

Hydraulic system is a very easy to be polluted system, the system of pollutants mixed into the hydraulic system will accelerate the wear and burn of hydraulic components, even damage, or cause valve action failure, or cause noise; pollutants will plug the throttle of hydraulic components or throttle gap, change the performance of the hydraulic system, causing action loss. The dust particles in the hydraulic cylinder will accelerate the damage of the sealing parts and the pull-out of the inner surface of the cylinder, make the leakage increase, the thrust is insufficient or the movement is unstable, the speed drops, and produce abnormal sound and vibration; it may also cause filter clogging, hydraulic pump oil difficulty, oil return. Cavitation, vibration and noise are produced due to blockage. When blockage is serious, the filter screen will be broken down due to excessive resistance, and the filtering effect will be completely lost, resulting in a vicious cycle of hydraulic system.

Two, causes and ways of hydraulic system pollution

There are many reasons for the contamination of hydraulic system, first of all, the contamination of oil. Most of the faults of hydraulic system (70-80%) are caused by contaminated impurities in hydraulic oil; secondly, the contaminants hidden in the process of manufacture and installation are chips, burrs, molding sand, coatings, abrasives, welding slag, rust and ash. Fixed particles, such as dust, do great harm to the hydraulic system. Management must be strengthened at this stage to ensure that the installed hydraulic system can be safely and reliably transported.

Dryland plow

Three. Proper maintenance of hydraulic system.

1. Choose suitable hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic oil plays an important role in transmitting pressure, lubricating, cooling and sealing in hydraulic system, and improper selection of hydraulic oil is the main reason for early failure and durability degradation of hydraulic system. Operators should choose hydraulic oil according to the grades specified in the random use instructions. When substituted oil is needed in special cases, its performance should be the same as that of the original grade.

2. Prevent solid impurities from mixing into the hydraulic system.

Clean hydraulic oil is the life of hydraulic system. There are many precision parts in the hydraulic system, some of which have damping holes or gaps. If the solid impurities intrude, it will cause the precision parts to be pulled, hair clip, oil channel blocked and so on, which will affect the safe operation of the hydraulic system. The common ways of solid invasion are: unclean hydraulic oil; unclean refueling tools; refueling and maintenance, careless maintenance; hydraulic components desquamation and so on. It can prevent solid impurities from intruding into the system from the following aspects: hydraulic oil must be filtered when refueling, refueling tools should be reliable and clean; can not improve the speed of refueling and remove the filter at the filling port of the hydraulic tank; refueling personnel should wear clean gloves and work clothes.

Remove the oil tank cover, filter cover, detection hole, hydraulic tubing and other parts during maintenance. Avoid dust when the oil duct of hydraulic system is exposed. Remove the parts thoroughly before opening. as

When removing the oil tank cover, remove the dust around the oil tank cover, loosen the oil tank cover, remove the remaining debris in the joint position of hydraulic components, hydraulic hose to be carefully cleaned, dry with high-pressure air assembly. First, use intact package of genuine filter element.

Hydraulic system cleaning oil must use the same brand of hydraulic oil as the system, oil temperature at 45-80 degrees Celsius, the use of large flow as far as possible to remove impurities from the system. The hydraulic system should be cleaned more than 3 times. Every time after cleaning, when the oil is hot, let it out of the system. After cleaning, clean the filter and replace the new filter element with new oil.

3. Prevent air and water from invading hydraulic system.

Hydraulic oil contains air with a volume ratio of 6-8% at normal pressure and normal temperature. When the pressure decreases, the air will dissociate from the oil. Bubble breakdown causes cavitation of hydraulic components and produces noise. A large amount of air will increase the "cavitation" in the oil. Leading to various adverse consequences. Besides, air also oxidize hydraulic fluid and accelerate its deterioration. Attention should be paid to the following points to prevent air intrusion: after maintenance and oil change, the air in the system should be excluded according to the provisions of the random use instructions; the suction pipe of the hydraulic oil pump should not expose the oil surface, and the suction pipe must be well sealed; the shaft of the oil pump should be well sealed, and the oil seal should be replaced with "double lip" genuine oil seal, which can not be used. The "single lip" oil seal is replaced because the "single lip" oil seal can only seal oil one way and does not have the function of sealing gas.

4, periodic maintenance matters needing attention

Waterproof intrusion hydraulic system. Excessive moisture in hydraulic oil will cause corrosion of hydraulic components, oil emulsion deterioration, lubricant film strength reduction, accelerated mechanical wear. In addition to the maintenance to prevent water intrusion, but also pay attention to the oil tank when not used to tighten the lid, preferably placed upside down; water content of hydraulic oil to be filtered many times, each filter to replace a drying filter paper. In the absence of a special instrument to detect, the hydraulic oil can be dropped on a hot iron plate, no steam and immediately combustion can be added.

Four. Maintenance of hydraulic system

1, 250 hours inspection and maintenance

Check attachment on filter net. Too much metal powder often marks oil pump wear or cylinder drawing. In this regard, we must diagnose and take corresponding measures before starting the machine. If it is found that the filter screen is damaged and dirt is accumulated, it should be replaced in time and hydraulic oil must be replaced at the same time.

2, 500 hours inspection and maintenance

After 500 hours of operation of agricultural machinery, no matter how the filter element status should be replaced, because it is difficult to detect the small damage of the filter element by the naked eye, long-term high temperature operation should also be appropriate to replace the filter element in advance.

3, 1000 hours inspection and maintenance

The filter should be cleaned, the hydraulic turbid banquet should be cleaned, the filter element and hydraulic oil should be replaced. The oil changing time of long term high temperature operation should be earlier.

4, 7000 hours and 10000 hours inspection and maintenance

According to practice, the imported hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor must be overhauled for 10000 hours. Otherwise, the hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor may be damaged due to disrepair and cause fatal damage to the hydraulic system.

With the wide use of hydraulic system in agricultural life, the correct use, maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic system has become an indispensable part of the use, maintenance and maintenance of agricultural machinery. In the course of using agricultural machinery, only by using and maintaining each system correctly can the failure rate of agricultural machinery be reduced, the service life be prolonged and the work efficiency be improved.

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