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Hydraulic Turnover Plough Manufacturer-Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision General Station to Deeply Develop Agricultural Machinery Safety Production Inspection

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Hydraulic Turnover Plough Manufacturer-Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision General Station to Deeply Develop Agricultural Machinery Safety Production Inspection

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Hydraulic Turnover Plough Manufacturer-Heilongjiang Province Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision General Station to Deeply Develop Agricultural Machinery Safety Production Inspection

In order to earnestly implement the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture's Department of Agricultural Mechanization, Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Committee and the "Heilongjiang Province's Agricultural Machinery Safety Production Inspection Implementation Plan" on the work of agricultural machinery safety production inspection, promote the work of the province's large-scale inspection in-depth and solid development, for the party's nineteenth National Congress to create a stable environment for safe production, Three supervision and inspection teams were formed at the General Station of Machinery Safety Supervision. From September 5, the inspection work of agricultural machinery safety in 9 counties (cities and districts) of Harbin, Jiamusi, Suihua, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang and Forest Industry was carried out.


Machinery subsoiling technology - paddy field plough manufacturers

Mechanical subsoiling technology refers to the mechanization technology which uses different power machinery to complete the subsoiling operation of farmland. The purpose of mechanical subsoiling is to loosen the soil, break down the plough bottom, increase the infiltration rate and quantity of rainwater, reduce runoff and water evaporation loss. Because mechanical subsoiling is only loose soil, not turning the soil, so that after the operation of the plough layer of soil disorder, small amount of soil movement, so particularly suitable for shallow black soil, not suitable for ploughing operation of the soil.

Mechanical subsoiling can be divided into two types: local subsoiling and comprehensive subsoiling. Total subsoiling is to use a subsoiling plough to completely loosen the soil. This method is suitable for the transformation of shallow soil with farmland infrastructure construction. Partial subsoiling is the use of bar teeth, chisel shovels or plough to separate the loosen soil from the loosen soil. Because interval subsoiling creates the plough layer structure of virtual and solid coexistence, practice has proved that interval subsoiling is superior to comprehensive subsoiling and is widely used.

At present, the main methods of soil subsoiling in production are interval subsoiling, ridge subsoiling, intermediate subsoiling, shallow subsoiling, ridge plowing subsoiling, and comprehensive subsoiling. According to the structure principle of the working machine tool, it can be divided into chisel type deep loosening, wing shovel type deep loosening, vibration deep loosening, goose paw type deep loosening and so on. Different subsoiling machines have different structural characteristics and operation performance, and the suitable soil and cultivated land types also have certain changes. Generally speaking, the purpose of comprehensive subsoiling is to loosen the soil and break the plough bottom. The main purpose of partial subsoiling is to break the plough bottom and store water. Some kinds of machines have the characteristics of local and comprehensive deep loosening, such as omni-directional deep loosening machine, vibrating deep loosening machine and so on.


According to the situation of supervision, great importance has been attached to the work of inspection, and the responsibility system for production safety has been put in place with clear tasks and effective measures. Harbin Shuangcheng district implements the standardized management of agricultural machinery safety and maintenance. In line with the working idea of "grasping the machine service, improving the state and ensuring the safety", a new model of safety and machine service management for concentric Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives with a scale of 33 million has been set up, and a "new position" of agricultural machinery supervision business has been opened up. The suburbs of Jiamusi create a new mode of joint work of police officers. Traffic management stations and persuasion stations should be set up in villages and towns to give full play to the role of grass-roots persuaders to ensure the safe production of agricultural machinery and effectively curb the occurrence of accidents at the source. Mudanjiang actively creates a good atmosphere for safe production. Strengthen cooperation with all kinds of media, issue leaflets (brochures), make publicity exhibition boards, put up safety production slogans and agricultural machinery safety into the campus and other forms, create a strong atmosphere, improve the safety awareness of the majority of organic households. Up to now, 22 Agricultural machinery information have been published, 186 major safety inspections of various forms of agricultural machinery have been carried out, 81 joint rectification actions have been taken by the police and supervisors, 360 interactive exchanges and communications have been made, and more than 300 variant tractors have been seized. Qigihar and safety supervision and traffic police jointly carried out the activities of changing dragging and renovating. The licenses issued in violation of the regulations shall be resolutely withdrawn in accordance with the principle of "who issues the license and who is responsible for it", and the administrative license shall be revoked according to the procedures; and the tractors modified after registration shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit. Up to now, more than 3,000 tractors have been inspected, 670 illegal acts have been found, 86 potential safety hazards have been found, 243 penalties have been imposed, and 28 rectification notices for illegal assembly and refitting of tractors have been issued to ensure that hidden dangers are eliminated and prevented in the future.Hydraulic

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