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Carry out institutionalized exploration and strive to achieve "four breakthroughs"

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Carry out institutionalized exploration and strive to achieve "four breakthroughs"

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 Zeng Yande said that this year, 192 counties (cities) will be involved in the trial of the system of crop rotation and fallow. After normalization and institutionalization, the region and scale will be further expanded. It is an institutionalized exploration to carry out the experiment of cropland rotation and fallow system. The aim is to form a set of replicable and extensible organizational mode, policy system and technical mode, and to popularize and apply it in a wider range and at a higher level. Next, we should focus on four aspects.

First, make breakthroughs in technological mode. First, pay attention to the link between production and ecology. A rotation cropping pattern of maize and soybean, miscellaneous grain and forage grass was established in the cold and cool area of Northeast China. A single-season high-yield and high-efficiency pattern of "one-season rainfed and one-season fallow" was established in the groundwater funnel area, and a fertilization pattern was established in the areas polluted by heavy metals and ecologically degraded areas. The two is to focus on regional and crop matching. In the combination of varieties, legume (soybean), Solanaceae (potato) and Gramineae (maize) were selected to match crops with different nutrient use and different occurrence of pests and diseases, so as to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Second, we have made breakthroughs in the service mechanism. One is to explore the "programmed" management and put forward the "three one": a set of programs, compaction responsibility. The state shall formulate specific plans for the rotation of fallow land, which shall be organized and implemented by the pilot provinces and implemented by the counties. At the national level, the Ministry of Agriculture, together with the Ministry of Finance, the Development and Reform Commission and other 10 departments and units, will jointly implement. Provinces, municipalities and counties will establish a corresponding department coordination mechanism to clarify the division of responsibilities, conduct regular consultations and coordinate implementation. Three years, rolling. The plots of fallow fallow for 3 years are relatively fixed, and the effect of fixed point tracking is implemented. The other is to explore the "menu" of the guidance, mainly three ways: package service, the development of different varieties of mix, different stubble convergence of the rotation of fallow mode package. Customized service, according to the needs of different farmers, according to the needs of countermeasures, symptomatic prescription, provide targeted personalized services. Service on the fingertips, using modern network platform, mobile phone APP and other modern information means to send technical requirements to farmers.

Third, we have made breakthroughs in the policy framework. One is that the subsidy standard should be reasonable. With the premise of not affecting farmers' income, we should reasonably calculate the subsidy standard of rotation fallow. There are two points to pay attention to: the balance of income between crops, according to the change of income from different crops, the scientific calculation of the rotation subsidy standard, so that the income of different crops is basically equal. For example, corn and soybean rotation in Northeast China is basically based on the 1:3 benefit balance point to determine the subsidy standard for grain to soybean is about 150 yuan. In order to balance the income among different regions, the factors such as the level of economic development, farmers'income and market price should be considered comprehensively, especially the income differences between the central and western regions and the eastern regions, and the criteria of subsidy for fallow should be calculated reasonably. It is necessary to provide the income of original crop cultivation and the input of land management and protection for the farmers who undertake the fallow task. Subsidies, fallow one quarter to subsidize 500 yuan, farmers' basic income is guaranteed. The other is that the subsidy target should be precise. To carry out crop rotation fallow, an agreement should be signed to clarify relevant rights, responsibilities and obligations. At present, in some places, the proportion of land contract is getting higher and higher. In order to improve the accuracy of the subsidy, we should strengthen policy publicity, clarify the content of the agreement, and distribute the subsidy funds to the actual producers and operators, not to the land contractors.

Fourth, we have made breakthroughs in the way of supervision. Two aspects should be considered: first, digitization of process supervision, the use of satellite remote sensing images, combined with field investigation and verification, tracking and monitoring of crop rotation changes, including changes in the area of fallow crops, where to turn, where to rest, how many turns, how many falls at a glance. The two is the effectiveness of regulation digitalization. The goal of fallow crop rotation is to improve the quality of cultivated land. The Ministry of Agriculture has formulated the "Scheme for Monitoring the Quality of Cultivated Land in the Pilot Area of Rotation and Reclamation" to scientifically arrange monitoring networks and track the changes of cultivated land quality and soil fertility at fixed points for a long time.

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