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Deep pine field plough land preparation agricultural machinery

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Deep pine field plough land preparation agricultural machinery

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Deep pine field plough land preparation agricultural machinery

Deep loosening and land preparation agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery subsoiling is a kind of mechanized land preparation technology, which aims to break the plough bottom and loosen the soil by tractor without disturbing the original soil structure. The implementation of subsoiling and land preparation with agricultural machinery can deepen the plough layer, reduce soil bulk density and improve soil permeability, thereby enhancing the soil water storage and moisture conservation, drought and waterlogging resistance, and is conducive to crop growth and development and increase yield.

There are various types of subsoiling machines, which can be divided into interval subsoiler and omni-directional subsoiler according to their operation forms; single subsoiler and duplex subsoiler according to their operation functions; single subsoiler can also be divided into vibratory and non-vibratory subsoilers; duplex subsoiler can complete stubble eradication, rotary tillage, subsoiler, fertilization, sowing, covering soil and so on. Item assignment. Non-vibrating subsoiler is more common, mainly divided into chisel type, arrow shovel type, wing shovel type, omnidirectional, eccentric column type and other five types, according to the local soil type, mode of operation and other requirements, the selection of different types of subsoiler. Inter-row subsoiler is also called inter-row subsoiler. It uses the shovel handle and shovel point with strong soil penetration performance to penetrate into the soil, so that the soil is lifted, lowered and loosened, and at the same time penetrates the bottom of the plough. The subsoiler can adjust the spacing of subsoiling shovel according to the actual production, and the working resistance is small. The average power required by each subsoiling shovel is about 22 kilowatts. The tractor should be equipped with the corresponding power. The omni-directional subsoiler usually adopts V-shaped blade parts. When ploughing, the soil cuttings with trapezoidal cross-section are cut off from the bottom of the soil layer, and the soil cuttings are lifted, moved back and fallen, so that the soil cuttings can be broken. The tillage range of the tillage is enlarged by using the offset shovel handle of the eccentric column subsoiler, and the effect is similar to that of the omni-directional subsoiler. These two kinds of deep loosening machines have the characteristics of large scope of loosening soil and good effect of breaking soil, but the power consumption is large, and the tractor with larger power should be equipped. The vibrating subsoiling machine is mainly divided into driving type and self excitation type. Driving vibrating subsoiler uses tractor power output shaft to drive subsoiling shovel, while vibrating subsoiling, thereby reducing tillage resistance. Self-excited vibrating subsoiler is to install a spring with a certain pre-tightening force on the subsoiling shovel, which makes the subsoiling shovel vibrate through the compression and extension of the spring. This kind of subsoiler has complex structure and high cost, but it can reduce power consumption. The average power required for each subsoiler is about 18 kilowatts, so it should be equipped with corresponding tractors. The duplex operation machine includes shallow plowing subsoiler, rotary plowing subsoiler, straw returning subsoiler, no-tillage seeding subsoiler, rotary plowing subsoiler, rotary plowing subsoiler and ridging subsoiler, stubble subsoiler and pressing subsoiler. Some large-scale combined land preparation machine and High-power Tractor matching use, can complete stubble crushing soil, plough shallow loosening, bottom deep loosening, leveling moisture, crushing soil and other operations. Duplex operation machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency and multi-purpose, but the power consumption is large, so it should be equipped with a tractor with greater horsepower.

Deep loosening and land preparation agricultural machinery

Principles of subsoiling

1. Mechanical subsoiling operations should be based on soil moisture, soil texture, in general, deep plough, no roots, stones and other hard material plots should be deeper, or shallower.

2. The soil moisture content is higher in the working season, and the more viscous plots are not suitable for subsoiling operation, especially the omni-directional subsoiling operation, so as to prevent the hard and solidified ridges from occurring next year and unable to cultivate.

3. The depth of subsoiling can be determined according to different purposes and different soil textures. For general soil, the purpose of breaking the plough bottom and increasing the capacity of water storage and moisture conservation is to select the depth of 35-45 cm according to the soil plough condition. It is not suitable to be too shallow less than 25 cm, so as to facilitate the formation and construction of soil reservoirs.

4. Mechanical subsoiling should advocate the principle of all-round subsoiling in autumn, supplemented by local subsoiling in summer.

5. Increase the speed of the vehicle as much as possible on the gear that the main engine can pull normally, so as to obtain the ideal quality of deep loosening operation.

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