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Heilongjiang second batch of agricultural subsidies notice 2017

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Heilongjiang second batch of agricultural subsidies notice 2017

Date:2017-09-15 Author: Click:

According to the relevant documents and requirements of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy and the actual situation of Heilongjiang Province, in order to do a good job in filing the second batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy products in 2017, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows

First, declare the scope and requirements of products.

1. declare the product scope and file details in the annex.

Products that have been filed for 2.2016 years need to be re declared.

3. the declared products must be products that have been approved by the ministerial or provincial level for effective identification. The expiration date of the extension certificate for agricultural machinery should be January 1, 2017 (inclusive). Agricultural machinery products that have been explicitly disqualified from subsidies or that do not conform to the management of production licenses or compulsory certification are not allowed to declare.

4. Products suspended by the Ministry of Agriculture or the competent department of Agricultural Mechanization in our province (up to this batch has not been restored) and whose qualifications for purchasing subsidies for agricultural machinery have been explicitly cancelled may not be declared.

Two, reporting methods and requirements

In 2017, the filing of subsidized products will adopt the method of network declaration, and will not accept the submission of paper materials. The system of "voluntary application, Self-filing and commitment to fulfill the promise" will be implemented in the production enterprises. The relevant agricultural machinery manufacturers will be registered in the self-help filing system of subsidized agricultural machinery purchases in Heilongjiang Province (filing declaration of Heilongjiang Agricultural Mechanization Information Network) System) registration (the first batch of registered enterprises need not be re-registered), improve enterprise information, according to online filing operation instructions for self-filing.

Related requirements:

1. The values of the main configuration and classification parameters should be consistent with the test results in the "Inspection Report" issued by the agricultural machinery appraisal department, and the items should be consistent with the "subordinate items" in the appraisal information issued by the appraisal department.

2. The enterprise must fill in the product archive information truthfully, ensure that the product information is complete, accurate, true and effective, and be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the filed information. If the product cannot be classified and filed correctly due to incorrect information and incomplete information, the declaring enterprise shall bear all the c0nsequences and responsibilities.

3. the uploaded file should be the scanned original. Single file size requirements: image format is not greater than 500K, PDF format is not greater than 4M.

Three, reporting time

Network declaration time from September 11, 2017 to September 17th.

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