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Heilongjiang corn stalk mechanized return to the field 40 yuan per mu

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Heilongjiang corn stalk mechanized return to the field 40 yuan per mu

Date:2017-09-15 Author: Click:

Autumn harvest is imminent, the reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Agricultural Commission Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Heilongjiang Province this autumn for the first time on the mechanized maize straw returned to the field to give 40 yuan per mu subsidies.

Maize straw mechanized returning to the field subsidies for the province (excluding farming reclamation) in the county (city, district) to implement the corn straw burial, crushing and mixing direct returning operations, and install with straw returning to the field remote automatic detection equipment of local agricultural social service organizations. Maize straw mechanized returning technology should be carried out according to the stipulated mode of ploughing and burying, crushing and mixing straw, and the depth of deep ploughing and deep ploughing should reach 30 cm. After maize straw mechanization returns to the field, must rise the big ridge in time, suppresses, achieves awaits the sowing condition, avoids the spring soil preparation to run the moisture.

In order to ensure that the subsidy funds are really used in the mechanized maize straw returning operation, Heilongjiang Province will make "four definite" in the implementation of the subsidy: clear the mode of fund allocation, operation mode, operation equipment and acceptance mode. After the completion of the operation, the area of mechanization of corn stalks will be synchronized in counties, townships and villages.

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