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Ministry of Agriculture: exploring a win-win way of planting and breeding, planting industry structure adjustment momentum is good.

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Ministry of Agriculture: exploring a win-win way of planting and breeding, planting industry structure adjustment momentum is good.

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In recent years, the Ministry of Agriculture has revolved around the main line of structural reform on the supply side of agriculture, focusing on the pilot program of grain-to-feed conversion. By subsidizing the high-quality forage such as silage maize, the Ministry of Agriculture has stimulated the enthusiasm of the market main body, expanded the demand for high-quality forage, stimulated the farmers to change forage from grain into forage, and stepped out of a win-win structure of crop-to-feed. The road of adjustment has made a useful exploration for building a new type of agricultural structure.

In 2017, the central government will continue to allocate 2 billion yuan of subsidies to promote grain conversion in 17 provinces and autonomous regions of the Yellow River, Huaihai and Sichuan Provinces. According to statistics, this year's number of grain-to-feed pilot counties expanded from 121 last year to 431, and the area expanded from 6 million mu to more than 10 million mu. More farmers and farms will benefit from this. It is estimated that after the implementation of the policy, it is expected to increase income by 1 billion 500 million yuan for growers and increase more than 6 billion yuan for farms. In order to ensure the smooth progress of grain conversion and the successful completion of the 10 million mu quantitative task index, the Ministry of Agriculture, on the basis of fully considering the policy implementation conditions such as forage demand, breeding habits and work willingness of various regions, has divided the 10 million mu task into 17 provinces and regions by factor method, so as to ensure that the task matches the actual demand. Guiding the implementation of local optimization, according to the principle of considering both the point and the area, focusing on the needs of large-scale harvesters, we should actively expand the coverage by promoting the whole city, rotating, moderately reducing the subsidy standards, and strive to make more farmers enjoy the good policies of benefiting agriculture and animal husbandry. In the implementation of the policy, the Ministry of Agriculture has established a clear division of labor, clear responsibilities and linkage between the top and bottom of the working mechanism to strengthen the work of deployment and organization, to lay a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the harvesting work.

At the same time, local agricultural and animal husbandry departments at all levels, under the unified deployment of the Ministry of Agriculture, have formulated the provincial-level Implementing Plan for Grain-to-Feed Reform, scientifically selected the pilot counties, refined the objectives of decomposition, comprehensively investigated the intentions of farmers for harvesting and storing, carried out technical training and popularization services, and carried out all-round policy implementation. While giving full play to the role of grain to feed in promoting the increase of income and efficiency of crop and nutrient production, local governments also pay attention to the synergy of policies to promote the combination of crop and nutrient production and industrial poverty alleviation. In Liaoning, Xinjiang and other provinces and regions, more than 60% of the total area of grain conversion has been transferred from farms for self-cultivation and integrated management of farming and cultivation; large farmers are encouraged to join farms in Ningxia, and more than 70% of the forage has been purchased; Qinghai has organized forage processing enterprises to sign contracts with poor households, giving priority to purchasing poor households. The cultivation of forage products; Shanxi to guide farming enterprises to transfer land to poor households, poor households into enterprises and other ways to help poverty-stricken households out of poverty.

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