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Promoting the healthy development of the paddy field plough dryer industry

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Promoting the healthy development of the paddy field plough dryer industry

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Promoting the healthy development of the paddy field plough dryer industry

Seven suggestions to promote the healthy development of dryer industry:

1., the formulation of industry standards. Through the establishment of industry standards, improve the industry access threshold, small-scale, low technology content, low capacity, only pay attention to the immediate interests of the lack of research and development investment manufacturers to eliminate.

2., solve the land problem of grain drying center. Land is the most prominent problem that restricts the development of grain drying center. How to solve the land problem is the key.

3., solve the problem of power consumption in grain drying center. The high cost of industrial power consumption affects the cost of grain drying to a great extent. Therefore, solving the problem of agricultural power consumption in grain drying center is also the key to develop drying machinery and ensure food security.

4. advocate continuing to increase subsidies for grain dryer. The development of grain drying machinery is of strategic importance to the national food security. The central and local governments should give more and more effective preferential support to the dryer industry in terms of policies, especially to increase the support to the production enterprises and research institutes in technical research and development, product innovation projects, and promote the rapid upgrading of dryer products technology. In order to better adapt to market demand.

5. provide financial policy support. We should speed up the pace of rural financial reform, establish and improve financial support mechanisms for agricultural machinery, encourage and guide financial institutions concerned with agriculture to introduce and improve loans for agricultural machinery to meet the needs of farmers as soon as possible, solve the problem of farmers'purchase funds, and encourage business entities to purchase advanced and applicable grain drying machinery.

6. promotion of energy saving and environmental protection products. The state's requirements for environmental protection have been raised year by year. Energy-saving and environmental-friendly drying equipment and heat sources will become the focus of attention of users. Production enterprises should actively respond to the national environmental protection requirements, targeted research and development of environmental protection products to meet market demand.

7., increase the support for grain drying industry. At present, the rapid growth of China's grain drying machinery industry requires careful care, management, care and fertilization from the market, industry, society and government.

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