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The farm machinery market in 2017 may be even worse than you think.

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The farm machinery market in 2017 may be even worse than you think.

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The first half of August 8, the China Machinery Industry Federation announced the operation of the machinery industry in the first half of the year showed that the industry had a positive trend, the growth rate of major economic indicators exceeded expectations, to achieve the main business income of 12.51 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.6%, to achieve a total profit of 857.6 billion yuan, an increase of 14.69%.

Data interpretation pointed out that unlike last year, which was mainly driven by automotive, electrical and electrical industries, machinery industry in the first half of this year was better, with double-digit growth in the main business income of agricultural machinery, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, instrumentation and other industries. Among the industry's new profits, 53.52% were in industries other than automobiles and electrical appliances, up 39.16 percentage points from the previous year. The data show that agricultural machinery as one of the industries of machinery industry, the main business growth of more than 10%, profit growth of more than 8%.

One of the marketing managers from the industry giant said that the domestic agricultural machinery market as a whole declined significantly in 2017. The tractor market declined sharply, the wheat market declined by more than 40%, and the corn market will still decline by more than 30% except for the hot pre-sales of sporadic manufacturers.

Luo Donglai, a market researcher for a large-scale agricultural machinery enterprise in China, provides even more surprising data, according to his research on Baicheng, Siping and Songyuan in Jilin Province, Harbin and Heihe in Heilongjiang Province, Chifeng in Inner Mongolia, Tongliao, Xilinguole League, Baotou, Hohhot, Liaocheng in Shandong Province, Dezhou in Shanxi Province, Linfen in Shanxi Province, Xingtai and Heng in Hebei Province. According to the sampling survey of pure dry land market in Shui and other areas, the overall dry land market was down 55% on average compared with the same period in 2016, of which the northeast and Inner Mongolia markets were down 60% on average and the Central Plains market was down 50% on average.

Corn machine and wheat machine market crash

In the context of the overall decline in the domestic agricultural machinery market, which market segment do you think is the most serious? During this problem, all the people involved in the survey chose the corn harvester market. According to Niu Jiatong's understanding of the corn machine market, in addition to Revo, Brave, Boyuan and other large enterprises, in the first half of 2017, other corn machine enterprises seldom schedule production, other enterprises only sell less than 1000 units, and the main reasons for the collapse of the corn harvester industry are as follows:

Firstly, the planting area of 40 million mu was reduced in the sickle bend area, and the planting area of maize dropped sharply, which led to a sharp decrease in the demand for maize harvesters.

Second, the corn harvester has been saturated in a wide range, especially in 2016, the processing country 2 corn harvester overdraft demand;

Third, the corn harvester did not form a national cross-regional operation market, the machine utilization rate is low, the income is low, the replacement speed is slow;

Four, the price of corn has declined, and the purchasing power of users has decreased.

In addition to the corn harvester market, the wheat harvester also collapsed in 2017. Every June wheat harvesters enter the harvesting war, and according to a number of researchers feedback, many regional dealers in the first half of the year only sold a few wheeled grain harvesters, the market can not bear to see!

The main reason for the sharp decline of wheat harvester market is market saturation and rigid demand. The wheat harvester market is the most mature of the three major grain crop harvesters in China. The market demand is saturated, the cross-regional operating income of consumers is gradually decreasing, and the price of wheat is declining, which directly affects the purchasing power and willingness of consumers and becomes an important factor to pull down the market.

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