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Code of construction safety for turnover plough

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Code of construction safety for turnover plough

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mechanical accidents have brought us too much harm, whether it is mechanical management departments, security departments or labor protection departments will do their utmost to grasp the safety in production of machinery, tighten the string of safety in production of machinery. However, to grasp the safety in production, we must analyze the causes of accidents, in order to take appropriate measures. Put an end to accidents. As a turnover plough of agricultural machinery, safety production and construction must also be carried out.

1. First of all, we must carry out the principles of "Safety for production, production must ensure safety" and "Rational use, safety first"; establish a full-time safety organization, with full-time personnel responsible for the safety management of machinery.

2. Operators are not allowed to leave their posts without authorization or hand over the mechanical equipment to non-local personnel for operation, and irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the mechanical operation area and operating room. At work, we must concentrate our minds and strictly refrain from drinking.

3. The pilots should be trained first and then on duty, and the relevant personnel should be employed to train the mechanical drivers in theoretical knowledge, such as mechanical knowledge, basic knowledge of various mechanical operations, so that the mechanical drivers can understand the general theoretical knowledge of mechanical operation, maintenance and maintenance, so that the mechanical operators can be familiar with the general characteristics of machinery, timely. Maintenance and repair machinery to reduce accidents.

The overturning plough machinery and equipment, like other machinery and equipment, also need to maintain safe production and construction, so we must strictly follow the requirements of production and processing, to ensure safe construction, improve the efficiency of machinery.

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