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Main points for maintenance of turnover plough

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Main points for maintenance of turnover plough

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Maintenance of turnover plough. The tilting plough is a kind of machinery commonly used in agriculture. There is not much difference between the use of the tilting plough and the ordinary plough, but the maintenance methods of the tilting plough should be paid special attention to. Maintenance of tilting plow is mainly to carry out systematic dust removal, inspection, fastening, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and replacement of damaged parts.



Attention should be paid to the maintenance of turnover plough.

1. turn over plough to store and store in order to prevent wind and sun, rain and snow erosion and freezing.

2. clean filter, oil pan and transmission.

3. turn the plough to replace the lubricating oil in time, and replace the gear oil into the winter gear oil.

4. thoroughly clean the tank. You can't use brushes for washing, petrol or diesel.

5. fill in and replace antifreeze in time.

6. turn the plough to clean the cooling system and clean the cooling water.

7. turn the plow to release the water in the fuel tank to prevent oil and water mix and freeze.

8. Increase the specific gravity of battery electrolyte and charge in time to prevent the loss of capacitance at low temperature and freeze-crack of battery shell.

Good tools also need to be maintained, so you can check and maintain your tiller before and after farming.

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