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How does the disk plough work efficiently?

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How does the disk plough work efficiently?

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The disc plough may be unfamiliar to most people. In fact, the disc plough plays an important role in agricultural operations. It can not only be applied to open up wasteland, viscous soil, low wetland, but also be applied to straw land, corn stubble land or ploughless surface tillage, which improves the efficiency of the whole tillage process.

In order to better meet the needs of the industry, its design with a unique concept, can improve its production efficiency. Each part of the disc plow is carefully designed, and the installation and connection are firm and reliable. During the working process, the working state of each part can be clearly seen.

In addition, the dislocation design of the front and rear row rakers of the disc plough, and the overall symmetrical design of the two side rakers in the shape of X, the working angle can be adjusted, and each side of the rear row is equipped with a filling disc to ensure the maximum working width, compact structure, convenient adjustment, left and right balance, low center of gravity reasonable distribution, and stable operation and running. Good quality, easy to turn left and right, no leakage tillage after work, surface leveling, soil breakage and stubble killing is good, the ground head turning radius is small, all effectively improve production efficiency.

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