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Adjustment work needed before turning plow.

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Adjustment work needed before turning plow.

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First, lateral horizontal adjustment is made to adjust the level of the inverted plough hanging the head frame crossbeam. The unit stops on horizontal ground. The handle on the hanger rod of a rotary tractor extends or shortens the length of the hanger rod so that the suspension beam is parallel to the ground. The height of the beam from the ground is determined by specific tillage depth, and the deeper the tillage is, the lower the cross beam is. Then adjust the level of the plough frame. The method is to adjust the adjustment bolts on the two ends of the plough suspension head frame (some are in other parts), so that the height of the left and right bolts protruding from the beam is the same. The height of the bulge depends on the specific depth of ploughing. The larger the depth of ploughing, the greater the bulge. Through the above adjustment, the lateral level of the plough is basically guaranteed.

Secondly, the vertical water increment adjustment, after the horizontal water level adjustment of the tillage frame is completed, the tillage frame should be adjusted vertically and horizontally in the trial tillage. During the trial tillage, observe whether the big frame (or inclined beam) of the plough is horizontal or not. If the front is high and the back is low, the big frame of the plough is difficult to enter the soil or the plough is too shallow, the upper pull rod should be shortened; otherwise, the upper pull rod should be extended. At this point, it should be noted that the vertical horizontal adjustment is completed after horizontal adjustment, in order to ensure the horizontal state of the premise, the adjustment is limited to adjust the pull rod. If the length of the pull rod of the tilting plough is changed by adjusting the pull rod, the transverse horizontal failure of the plough frame will be caused. Even if the plough holder reaches a horizontal state in one tillage state (such as turning right), it is difficult to ensure that the plough holder can be in a horizontal state in another tillage state (turning left).

Finally, the tillage depth adjustment, if it is the height adjustment to control the depth of plough, it is necessary to adjust the wheel screw to adjust the depth of plough. The turning plough and the hydraulic turning plough control the left and right tillage depth through the single plough rotation, so the adjustment of tillage depth is simple, as long as one side reaches the predetermined tillage depth, the other side of the tillage depth is guaranteed. Some plough types control the tillage depth by double plough wheels. For these plough types, the tillage depth should be adjusted separately.

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