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Hydraulic turnover plough

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Hydraulic turnover plough

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Working principle and characteristics of hydraulic turnover plough

One: The plough tip adopts vertical oblique insertion type, which greatly reduces the resistance of plough penetration into the soil, and can be smoothly penetrated into the soil to achieve deep ploughing.

2. The angle between the whole plough and the traction direction is 45 degrees, which is favorable for the plough to break up the soil and bury the weeds on the ground deeply. It effectively prevents the rapid growth of weeds and the damage of diseases and insects on the ground, and keeps the soil moisture. Deep ploughing every season can improve the soil quality, balance the soil pH and improve the nutrients in the soil. With water, increase crop yields.

Three, the overall adoption of combined type, easy to repair and replace vulnerable parts. The upper and lower legs of the plough are bolted together, and the damage of one part will not be associated with the scrap of other parts, which reduces the cost of maintenance. For example, if the tip of the plough is broken, the tip of the plough will be changed, and the plough wall will not be scrapped.

Fourth, the use of hydraulic flip, can improve the flip efficiency and flip stability, reduce the impact on the tractor and plough damage.

Five, adopt three point suspension connection mode to adjust tillage depth, stable work and ridging.

6. Heavy-duty overturning bowl plough weighs more than 1000 kilograms, which can satisfy the high-strength and high-load work of bowl plough under high-horsepower tractor.

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